Delivering Pia cake in Ho Chi Minh city

Pia cake is the specialty of Soc Trang, inside the orange shell is the mixture of egg yolks with the flavor of durian, taro or sweet green beans. To meet the customers’ demands, now we have the service to deliver Pia cake in Ho Chi Minh city.

This type of cake usually comes in two varieties: taro or green beans. Depending on taste preferences you can choose the appropriate cake. The process of making this cake is also very sophisticated and requires the ingenuity of the baker. Next, green beans and taro must be selected carefully and then mixed with egg yolks salt and durian.


Customers can come to stores to buy or choose Pia cake delivery in Ho Chi Minh city. This service is very convenient for consumers who are busy or do not want to deal with the traffic jam. The use of Pia cake delivery in Ho Chi Minh city will help you save a lot time. In order to serve customers better and better, this service is applied immediately in the right way; therefore, those people who are tending to have an abroad flight at the airport also can use our service. With us, customers can easily enjoy the specialties of the Vietnamese homeland.


Pia cake delivery service in Ho Chi Minh city is applied even when customers just want to buy one bag. No matter the time, during office hours, at the office, or after office hours, we are always available to help you buy the most delicious Pia cake. You do not hesitate to call Pia cake delivery in Ho Chi Minh city, as we also offer fast delivery services if you need. Therefore, the services always try to deliver Pia cake according to the schedule has been scheduled.


The customers’ satisfaction is our prior aim. Whether near or far, whether buying the whole family to eat or buying for gifts, Pia cake delivery in Ho Chi Minh city always carefully pack beautiful boxes so customers can receive the most delicious Pia cake. For guests to go away, you should report to us and the box will be neat, wrapped carefully.

Pia Cake delivery in Ho Chi Minh city

Pia Cake delivery in Ho Chi Minh city

As each customer will have different needs, Pia Cake delivery in HCM city will always try to optimize the activities and services to meet the individual needs of each customer. Let’s bring the flavor of Pia cake for your relatives and enjoy that.

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